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Beyond the Gloves

Reda Zam Zam is 32 years old. In 1985 his family left Palestine to come to Denmark for a better future away from the war.

He grew up in Brabrand, where he started boxing at 14. In 2004 he won the IBF Youth light middleweight title.
Now, he lives in Aarhus with his children and fights for his third World Title.

But becoming a champion is not that simple in the greedy world of professional boxing. Prejudices and obstacles are there on guard, and it takes more than a good hook to knock them down.

A web documentary produced by Filippo Menichetti and Dario Bosio.

Visually Paired

Jørn Rosendal Pedersen and Tove Knudsen realized something was wrong at an early age. As most children easily read books or rode a bike, they slowly had to give up these simple tasks. As adolescents, Jørn and Tove were diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa – the gradual failure of the retina – yet both have managed to live fulfilling lives. Now nearing their 50s, the two have found each other later than most. Their wedding is this July, but their greatest task lies ahead. Though they do not know when, both Jorn and Tove will grow blind together.

Jaime Henry-White and Katerina Pisackova are two international photojournalists who studied at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Denmark during 2012.  

Life on Meds

ADHD cases are rising alarmingly in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. It is a controversial mental disorder that affects people starting from childhood and throughout their adult life. Treatment means, to most, lifelong medication and therapy; whatever it takes to have a normal life and fit into society’s standards. Even if it results to having a whole generation under treatment with pills. This is the story of Kim P. Østergaard.

The story was produced by Vashkor Ahmed and Anna Baeza who are both international students at DMJX in 2011.

Live Your Goalf

William’s dream is to become one of the best golfers in the world. He works hard for it and spends most of his free time on the golf course. His parents provide him a perfect environment to fullfill his profession. The family seems to have found an ideal balance to manage the challenges a growing-up sportsman is confronted with and alternative plans exist for most situations and stages of his life.

Can a teenager be educated in a way to make a sportive career happen?

The story was produced by Jonas Opperskalski and Rafael Brix who are both international students at DMJX in 2011.

Eternal Life

How can one define the beauty of nature?
When Ole Larsen talks about nature, he does it with passion and dignity. But it always comes at a prize. For Ole the most important is nature in its purest and most beautiful form, and that is what he aims for. In the end it’s a balance between life and death.

What does it take to give animals eternal life?

The story was produced by Jan Rosseel and Bai Xi who are both international students at DMJX in 2011.

The Sound I Breathe

Chico Matada Pereira from Maputo, Mozambique, arrived in Denmark in 2008. He was accepted at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus with the highest grade for his performance. Originally coming from outside Europe, education in Denmark comes at a price.

Chico Matada Pereira has to pay around 5,500 Euro per semester. The deadline for the next payment is only seven days away. This could be the end of his dream.

The story was produced by Stefano Carini and Fara Phoebe Zetzsche who are both international students at DMJX in 2011.



A traveler for nearly 15 years,Álex Rivera, an indigenous Peruvian finds himself living in the center of the modern day European city of Aarhus. Its concrete walls and materialistic society contradicts his native views and naturalistic lifestyle. Even so, he is still able to find ways to stay rooted to the “Pacha,”a Quechua word meaning “earth.” Its a connection he sees has mainly been lost in today’s urbanized generation. For him, living here as an opportunity to plant his own seeds and establish strong roots through which he hopes will pass on his energy.

The story was produced by Edgar Melo and Nguyen Nguyen who are both international students at DMJX in 2011.